Prague is the capital and largest city of the Czech Republic which lies at the heart of Europe. Steeped in history, the city is known for its cobbled streets, old town square and towering castles.

Need to Know:

Local currency: Czech Koruna (CZK)

Language: Czech. English was widely spoken, however, remember that Czech is the language of Prague

Transport – Trams, Meter Taxi, Uber. We ended up taking Uber everywhere as a 15-minute journey was around £3, very affordable

Adapter: Two round pin adapter

How I booked:

I booked this trip through a British Airways package deal. Flight and hotel were included. The trip was 3 days and 2 nights (Saturday morning to Monday night).


If you frequent my blog you’ll know that my usual advice for short-haul trips is to stay somewhere quite central. This is so that you can spend less time travelling when you’re on a tighter schedule than normal.

In Prague most sights are within a close distance of each other, the longest uber trip time was around 20 minutes.

Where to stay also depends on what you prefer; some may prefer staying in the quieter areas near scenery and historic sites – such as Prague castle.

I stayed in the BoHo Hotel which was very central and a 5-minute walk to the Old Town. Read more about my hotel stay here.

Prague is a very affordable city and you can stay in luxury hotels for less. If you’re likely to spend less time staying indoors then it’s a good opportunity to try out a unique boutique hotel.

Some options are:

  • Four Seasons Hotel Prague
  • Mandarin Oriental Prague
  • Augustine Prague
  • Hotel Cosmopolitan
  • Alchymist Prague
  • Carlo IV, The Dedica Anthology


Okay, where do I start?? I’m not the biggest fan of European food so I always prepare myself in the case of disappointment however I was so impressed with the Czech cuisine. Not only is it cheap and cheerful, there are also so many varieties of national foods to try from street food to restaurants.


Trdelnik is a Czech pastry and one of the most common pastries sold by street vendors. It is often referred to as a ‘chimney cake’. It is made from dough that is wrapped around on a stick, grilled and top with sugar. The pastry is then filled with ice cream – dreamy.

You can choose from a variety of flavours, such as chocolate, vanilla or red velvet dough. Toppings include; nuts, sauces, sprinkles, fruit or gingerbread biscuits.

I had spotted Trdelnik before I came to Prague and couldn’t wait to try it. I can confirm that it really does look as good as it tastes.

Good Food is popular for its Trdelnik and is in a great location off Charles Bridge for scenery pics.

Manifesto (Faency Fries)

There are plenty of food markets in Prague. After some research, I decided on Manifesto as it has cute heated igloos to sit in and had a particular stall called ‘Faency Fries’.

Faency Fries were the best chips I’ve ever had in my life. The chips were seasoned to perfection and you could choose a selection of toppings. I chose cheese topping, which was melted by a blowtorch, and served with spicy mayo.

The chips were so good that we tried to go back to Manifesto the next day, but it was unfortunately shut (opens Wednesday – Sunday).

I also tried some of my friends beef kebab from another food stall. I’m not a big fan of meat at the moment but the meat was tender and soft.

Visiting a food market in Prague is a great idea, especially Manifesto.

Deer Prague

We stumbled on a cute looking restaurant on one of our walks through Old Town called Deer Restaurant and decided to dine there for dinner.

I had the John Dory fish fillet with mussels and roasted potatoes and my friend had the saddle of rabbit. For dessert, we both picked the Strawberry Cheesecake dish.

The food was well presented and tasted delicious. Including our prosecco and elderflower/raspberry drinks the entire meal came to £48 for the both of us – including a 10% tip.

Café Savoy

Café Savoy had been highly recommended on google for the best hot chocolate in Prague. The décor was beautiful and the patisserie display looked delectable – however, the food and drinks were a big disappointment.

The ham and cheese croissant was dry, cold and just generally not nice and the hot chocolate was bitter. I wouldn’t recommend.

Chloé Café

Chloe Cafe was chic and quirky and reminded me of the new wave of flower walled coffee shops in London.
I love a gimmick and really enjoyed the monogrammed coffee. “Gucci Gang” was on the menu, but I went for the Louis Vuitton.
Chloe’s had the fluffiest pancakes which looked like doughnuts they were a hit. The cafe was cute but it wasn’t a must-do.
Restaurants and food on my list that I didn’t get to try;
  • Pork knuckle (A popular traditional food in Prague)
  • Fried Cheese
  • Beer
  • Pickled Cheese (don’t blame me if it’s not nice!)
  • Mlynec Restaurant
  • Café Kaficko
  • Ice Pub


Prague Castle

Prague Castle is a majestic and historic castle complex. The castle is home to the President of the Czech Republic and was once home to the Kings of Bohemia and Roman emperors.

You can easily spend hours at the castle visiting the cathedrals and different towers. Try and get to the castle in time to watch the guard changeover at noon.

My recommendation is St.Vitus Cathédrale which is stunning both on the inside and outside. 

Astronomical Clock

The astronomical clock can be found in the Old Town Square. The clock was first installed in 1410 making it the oldest clock still operating.
The clock rings on the hour and the twelve apostles appear. Don’t expect too much from the display as this is a very old clock, but it was fascinating to watch.

St Charles Bridge

There are many bridges that cross the Vltava river, however, the biggest and most popular is the Charles Bridge. You can take a stroll over the bridge and see the swans of the Vltava river and picturesque view.

Vintage car ride

You can hire a vintage car which takes you on a tour around the city. The ride is the quickest and easiest way to see all of the sights, especially if you’re short on time.
They offer rides of either 40 minutes, 1 hour or 2 hours and the prices start from around 1500 CZK which is roughly £50.
I didn’t have time to do everything I had planned but some others that were on my list were:
  • Truffle Tour – Truffle hunt with dogs which is followed by a truffle meal
  • Infant Jesus of Prague
  • Beer Tour – Czech Republic is famous for its beer – a great option if you like beer
  • John Lennon Wall
  • Boat ride – There are many public tours to choose from, the Four Seasons hotel offers a private boat ride
  • Christmas Markets
  • Food tour
Prague was a charming city break. Breaks like this that remind me that Europe is filled with unspoiled gems.
The cobbled roads, tall castles and spires of Prague made me feel like I was in an old Disney movie. I highly recommend Prague for a weekend away and I will back to visit one day soon.
Have you been to Prague or are you planning to go? Feel free to drop a suggestion or to ask any questions.
Love Roberta


  1. Mojola
    November 25, 2019 / 7:15 pm

    Love this! Prague has never been on my radar before but now I think i want to visit Lol love from Canada <3

  2. Harmonie
    December 26, 2019 / 10:17 am

    Beautiful! i’ve been to Prague before and now you make me want to go back.
    Great pics! <3

    • Roberta
      December 26, 2019 / 5:26 pm

      aww thank you so much, even I’m considering going again! x

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