12 Best Places To Travel In 2024

I love the hustle and bustle of popular destinations but I am always seeking somewhere new and off the beaten track. There is a unmatched thrill you get from exploring new destinations that are untouched by mass tourism.

As we enter a new year, it’s time to expand our horizons to explore & experience what the world has to offer. I have carefully curated a list of my favourite emerging travel destinations for a dose of travel inspo.

1. Oman

Oman is a stunning middle eastern destination that is fast gaining traction. This country possesses a rich history with a modern style which creates something for every type of traveller. The high-end resorts and pristine beaches create the perfect environment to relax and recuperate in style. Whilst in contrast, the rippling sand dunes and Hajar mountains invite the adventure & adrenaline seekers. The culture rich souks, cuisine and whitewashed infrastructure which the culture lovers and historians can immerse themselves in. Oman exudes a timeless Arabian luxury and is definitely one to add to the 2024 cards.

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2. Albania

Nestled between Greece and Montenegro in southern Europe, Albania shares the same stunning coastlines on the Ionian and Adriatic seas.

Albania provides the sought-after hot and dry summers, whilst the Albanian Alps has the picturesque snowcapped mountains in the winter without the crowds. The untouched pristine beaches and stunning natural landscapes have brought about a recent increase in tourism. Which in turn has created a surge of new and trendy hotels, beach clubs and restaurants. The perfect combination of turquoise blue Mediterranean seas, delicious food and good wine, and charming old towns.

If you love Greece as much as I do you might have noticed how extortionate it has become in the past few years and it’s clear to see why it’s neighbouring country, Albania, is becoming the next emerging European hotspot.

3. Malta

Malta is a massively underrated country in Europe, in recent years it has been getting the recognition it deserves. This small island just below Sicily and north of North Africa is the perfect blend of Mediterranean vibes with a hint of ancient Arabian influence. Malta has something for everyone; a crystal clear sea and a myriad of beautiful beaches to unwind for the chilled, infinity pool beach clubs and restaurants along the yacht filled harbour for the boujie, and stunning old towns and ancient medinas for the history lovers. Read more about Malta in my post here.

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4. Slovenia

Slovenia deserves as much hype as its popular scenic neighbours get, it is brimming with natural beauty, much of which is undiscovered.

This picturesque country is home to the most stunning lakes, alpine mountains, natural hot-springs, forests, vineyards and more. In addition to this, Slovenia has been consistently named as one of the safest destination to visit.

If you want immaculate and sensational views and a calming natural environment then make Slovenia your 2024 holiday destination.

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5. Mozambique

Mozambique is slowly becoming a sought-after destination and I can see why. This country provides the best of both worlds with its spectacular wildlife and stunning beaches. The Bazaruto Archipelago is a group of six islands in Mozambique creating the perfect opportunity to island hop and visit the pristine coral reefs. The warm crystal clear waters are similar to Zanzibar and rival the Caribbean.

In the past few years there has been a boom in stunning new beach resorts which now line the Indian Ocean coastline, with more planning to open on private islands. Although people mostly visit for the sheer amount of untouched beaches, Mozambique is also abundant with wildlife and a great option for safari.

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6. Montenegro

Sandwiched between Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Albania and Kosovo, Montenegro is an up and coming European hotspot and is quickly being established as Southern Europe’s newest luxury destination.

Montenegro is full of breathtaking scenery; cobbled medieval towns, golden beaches, beautiful coves and stunning national parks. The ports are filled with super yachts, 5-star hotels and chic restaurants and clubs. The country also boasts the Bay of Kotor – a UNESCO World Heritage Site – a mesmerizing mediterranean fjord with a backdrop of mountain peaks.

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7. Namibia

Namibia is a stunningly unique destination where the red desert meets the sea, creating endless horizons. And this is only one of many of the scarily beautiful natural wonders that Namibia has to offer.

The rolling and remote sand dunes of the Namib desert coupled with the famous red sunset provides a desert experience like you have never seen before. The chillingly captivating ‘dead trees’ in Deadvlei is like a forest frozen in time. And the land is abundant with magnificent safari wildlife.

Namibia was rated as one of the fastest emerging travel destinations in 2020 and it continues to maintain its status which is unsurprising given the beauty of the country.

It is 100% a destination to add to the top of your list, especially before the crowds descend.

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8. South Korea

Korean culture has been trending for a few years with the ‘Korean Wave’, from K-beauty, to K-pop and K-dramas, so its no surprise that Korea itself is becoming a trending destination.

A girly skin-care trip to Korea is on my bucket list but Korea has so much to offer; natural beauty, traditional culture juxtaposed with an innovative modern and trendy feel, and should I mention the tantalizing and renowned Korean cuisine?!

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9. Qatar

Qatar is another middle-eastern destination that has been gaining popularity. The weather is warm all year round and being a mid-haul destination from the UK makes it a great option for a quick getaway.

Qatar offers the same in vogue restaurants and hotels, down to the Friday brunches. But it is much quieter than Dubai – perfect for those that want to chill out.

As well as the shopping, restaurants and resorts high-life, Qatar is full of culture with plenty of museums, souqs and deserts to explore.

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10. Costa Rica

Costa Rica’s alluring natural beauty has always made it the destination of choice for nature lovers. And the recent focus on stunning extravagant villas and resorts has it fast becoming an up and coming luxury nature destination.

Costa Rica has two distinct coastlines, the Caribbean and Pacific, where you can explore the black sand beaches or the jungles which are teeming with unique wildlife. It is also well known for the stunning landscape; biodiverse rainforests, volcanos and beautiful beaches.

The adventure lovers can zipline, trek through the jungle to spot jaguars, toucans, sloths & more, whale watch and white water raft. Or the luxury lovers can unwind in a plush luxury villa with cascading showers, floating beds, private plunge pools and a private chef. Or you can be like me and do both!

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11. Turkey

Turkey is by no means a ‘new’ holiday destination, however it is the country that keeps on giving as more and more Turkish towns and cities gain popularity. The luxe cities of Bodrum & Istanbul get better year on year. Bodrum is rife with five-star hotels, restaurants and beach clubs and I still swear by Istanbul – it is the city that has everything (read my Istanbul blog post here).

Gocek caught my eye as a new charming destination that people are falling in love with. Located in in Fethiye, Gocek is an upmarket town on the southern coast. It is known for its perfect sailing conditions (hello yachts), which provide picturesque calm waters with a backdrop of rugged mountains.

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12. Grenada

With so many popular Caribbean holiday destinations, Grenada doesn’t get as much traction as it’s neighbours, but do not sleep on this up and coming destination.

Grenada encompasses all you want from the Caribbean such as the majestic beaches, rich culture, great food and more. Being lesser visited works in Grenada’s favour as there are dozens of unspoiled beaches and untouched natural rainforest. And as well as being a tranquil and quiet Caribbean option, Grenada has it’s own uniqueness and is known as ‘The Island of Spice’. This is due to Grenadas huge spice industry – and where there is spice, there is flavour!

The recently opened luxury hotels and the promise of more to come in 2024 make Grenada a destination to watch. 

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Make sure to check out these destinations and add some to your list if they weren’t there already!
Roberta x