About Roberta 

Hi, I’m Roberta!

I love to enjoy life and I’m a strong believer of doing what makes you happy.

What makes me most happy apart from God and my loved ones is travelling. I just love going on a trip and experiencing something new!


Nigerian, born and raised in London.

I work full time in risk management and compliance.

A lot of travel bloggers have been able to quit their job and travel full time. Who wouldn’t love that?! However for now I have bills to pay and I am a testament to the fact that you can have a full time job and still find time to travel.


First of all, food! Me and food were meant to be. Then comes shopping.

I also enjoy reading and writing.

I am massive thrill seeker – sky diving, zip-lining, you name it. My bucket list is as long as my arm. I refuse to get to an old age and have regrets.

Live for the moment, have fun, and have plenty of stories to tell your loved ones.

My blog

My blog is for anyone and everyone who likes to travel in style and also for those that don’t want to spend their last penny doing so.

If you love luxury but affordability then you’ll feel right at home here. My posts will be based around travel, mostly international, with a dash of food and fashion.

Let’s connect?

For any queries contact me on